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Woodfold Series 140 Accordion Doors


Woodfold Series 140 Accordion Doors

Finished One Side - Select Hardwoods or Vinyl-Laminates

Residential Accordion Folding Door
Generally Used For Residential Applications As Closet Folding Doors

Finished On One Side Only
Stacks In A Minimum Amount Of Space
Stays Put In Either The Open Or Closed Position
The 140 series accordion doors incorporate our exclusive Pin-hinge hardware for added strength and durability with a modified "swept-wing" style full panel handle. This is a very effective and efficient design solution developed to take advantage of the folding door method of door construction. The Series 140 accordion door is designed for use in areas where only one good side is needed such as a wardrobe area, closets, or a utility rooms.
Factory finished panels are available in Select Hardwoods or Vinyl-Laminates for visual warmth as standard.
A mural can be added to all series of accordion doors. This option is not available on this page so please contact us to add a mural.

140 Series Details
   Heights: Custom made to 8'1" (97")
   Widths: Custom made to 8' (96")
   Wheels: Lexan axles with nylon wheels.
   Handle: Has been integrated into the lead panel as a "swept-wing" full panel handle.
   Catch: Heavy-duty magnet.
   Stacking Space: 1-1/4" per lineal foot plus 7/8" for "swept-wing" handle.
140 Series Optional Features
   Heights 4' and less.
   Custom width doors.
   Hardwood Astragals.
   Single door with "swept-wing" handles on both ends.
   3/4" Round track moulding on one side only.

The Series 140 is limited to being made as a single door that can open to one-side or a single door that has handles on both ends. Not available as pairs and keyed lock options are not available on this series 140.
ADA Compatible

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