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Hardwood Finger Pulls


Oak & Maple Finger Pull Moldings

Our premium finger pull moldings are available in several popular sizes.

Exceptionally well machined.
Our Oak and Maple unfinished finger pull moldings are made from all clear stock that contributes to no waste and is 100% usable.

Hallmarking the original European style cabinet, our solid hardwood finger pull moldings are offered in 6' and 8' lengths.

"C" or "J" profiles are offered in nominal 3/4" and 5/8" sizes to accommodate the Euro style doors.

Each order includes 3 lengths.

Individually packed and shipped.

For multiple orders they are conveniently packaged or packed with 30 or 40 pieces per carton for 6' or 8' lengths.

For special requirements, sizes, or quantity discounts please call us toll free at  877-723-0209.

Custom sizes and oher wood species may be available as a special order.
Please call or email for for more information.


C Profile Hardwood Finger Pulls J Profile Hardwood Finger Pulls